Greeting the readers, you're looking at a page that gives a brief explanation of this blog. It will be very short, I hope you spend a little time to read it.

This blog is a personal blog that is in my responsibility, I Putu Chandra. The content in it is my sole responsibility, unless stated otherwise.

If you find the exact same text outside this blog that does not display my credit as a writer, please agree to contact me, because no matter how the writing is still my responsibility.

As a blogger I love to share various topics around blogs and internet in writing that I have created in the form of tutorials. This blog comes as a means of learning and sharing among others, especially bloggers in Indonesia.

Beginning http://www.kolhoz.me/ ~ born to know that people around me there are still many who have problems when wanting to fall into the world of blogging.

One by one the questions asked, gave me the idea to write it in a blog in order to reach other users as well. The entire contents of this blog is a personal writing with various research that has been done.

If you have a complaint about the blog and its settings as described in each of my articles, please apply them carefully. I would be happy to help answer the issues surrounding your blog according to the topic of writing, but it is not a guarantee that my answers are worthy of reference.

I am not writing for a specific academic purpose, but I also do not forbid my writing to be cited in academic papers, final assignments, scientific papers and so forth to conform to the tupoksinya.

If it's just a discussion, then my writing and tutorials can be used, and I am open to inputs, opinions and criticisms that can build us all better.

I hope you like what you find here and become a benefit in itself. If you have any further questions about the posts here, please use the comment field or contact page. And for the sake of convenience together, please keep the politeness in communicating.


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